Thursday, 20 April 2017


· A surprise indeed that we are all heading for the polls only two years after the last election. The question is will it change anything in the adult social care system.

· The last election did because shortly after being elected David Cameron postponed the Care Cap he campaigned on until 2020 at the earliest.  People will recall that this was a government pledge/promise that the maximum anybody would have to pay in respect of eligible elderly care costs would be £72,000.

· The present government is committed to delivering a green paper in the autumn discussing an overhaul of the care system. All major parties are committed to the concept of a discussion on the subject knowing that the present system is almost broken and underfunded no matter what the present government says. This election will inevitably result in a delay. If a labour government wins (unlikely if the polls are to be believed) they will want to review its remit and put their own spin on it, and if the Conservatives win they will be behind the game line by some seven weeks the time taken to fight the election.

· It is however, vital that a Green Paper is published and a proper discussion takes place for all the reasons that those involved or contemplating involvement in the care system know.

· The latest negative news comes this week from the Competition and Markets Authority who have been investigating the sector since last year. Complaints they have received ahead of the Green Paper include:-  

1. Care homes charging for rooms after a residents death.
2. Fear of complaining because of a worry about reprisals and care homes serving a notice to quit the home.
3. Self Funders having to subsidise those supported by local councils and paying up to 43% more.
4. Charges for unexpected fees such as trips to medical appointments and the unwillingness of care homes to cap increases in fees for self funders.

· Interesting times ahead and in the short term what will actually be in the political parties manifestos about reforming social care.

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