Tuesday, 9 May 2017


·        Given the ever growing demand for elderly care services, Care Homes perhaps surprisingly close at an alarming rate. A principle reason is the lack of resources that local authorities have to meet need, combined with the government’s sticking plaster approach to reform and making good.

·        In 2016 some 144 Care Homes plus closed. Additionally and reportedly 58 of the closures provided less than three months notice to their residents. Given that we are one of the very richest nations in the world this cannot be right.

·        One reason so many Homes close quickly is because when they make their decision to close, staff leave quickly meaning a Home cannot stay open.

·        When a Home closes stress for the residents and their families is inevitable. New Homes have to be found and in the process the vulnerable suffer. Many say the stress harms the health of the frail because they are taken away from carers who residents inevitably develop close relations with.

·        The reason many Homes are closing is because Councils are driving down the fees that they are willing to pay, whilst the Homes themselves are enduring unprecedented rises in running costs largely because of increases in the minimum wage. What we do know is that the Tories if they get back into power will publish a Green Paper in the autumn on the future of adult social care.

·        There seems to be very little good news to report in the sector largely because those with influence and power have been unwilling to make political decisions about what needs to be done.  There is also a lack of ideas making discussion at the top difficult to start.  Let us hope that our new government can find the time and the inclination to properly overhaul a situation which demands reform and is a disgrace to our nation.

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